Premiere: Laskaar’s ‘Echo’ is a must hear

Laskaar is a mysterious producer that stumbled into our emails earlier this week and we can’t get enough of the dark styles of this UK artist. ‘Echo’ is a mesh of varied influences- rock, electronic, and experimental styles eloquently collide in the piece, and the resulting work is a brilliantly executed track that takes on today’s music with full force. Not much seems to be known about Laskaar, but if this track is any indication, we’re definitely expecting to be hearing more about him in the coming months. ‘Echo’ is brilliant in its subtle, yet strong, influences and is stunningly simple and complex at the same time.

The talented artist is gearing up for a release of the video for this track, which features world-famous albino model Shaun Ross (Who’s previously worked with Lana Del Ray & Beyonce). Check out the track below.

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