Premiere: Indie-Pop producer Felicity Groom shares video for song ‘Hey Sun’

Australian artist Felicity Groom has shared the stunning visuals for her hypnotic song ‘Hey Sun’ ahead of the release of her new album Magnetic Resonance Centre due out Wednesday, October 28th.

Adding to the dreamy narrative woven throughout the track, Felicity Groom says:

“Once upon a time, in a suburban Perth, young Groom first met a young Heath Ledger at a school social. In those teen years of warping bodies and expanding horizons, Groom and Ledger danced around each other at various performances and parties. She witnessed this kid work hard and catapult himself from chicken advert to Hollywood and it provided the teenage Groom such focus in her own path. Many years later that name came back into her consciousness through two separate musicians from LA visiting town at the same time. As the last song written for Magnetic Resonance Centre, ‘Hey Sun’ was forged, diving deep into the dream of a teenage Groom, crushing on the possibilities of artistic endeavours.”

Felicity Groom creates worlds which are as richly organic and propulsive as they are digitally sheikh and stealth. Her songs traverse spheres, between lofty dreamlike areas and acute and present realms. She began her songwriting armed with only a guitar and voice and over time, through the focussed honing of her craft, has evolved in sound from folk areas to more electronic and beat-based areas, ever expressing her constant quest of learning and discovery. 

Magnetic Resonance Centre due out October 28th, will be Groom’s Third LP under her own name and is an altogether new adventure.

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