Premiere: Ethan Tait & Sam Alaina – Breathe (Original Mix)


Ethan Tait & Sam Alaina return with a distinctly Afro-house track in ‘Breathe‘, set for release on the 8th of September via Taits own imprint Yenrouj. ‘Breathe is a collaboration between two proudly Capetonian artists, with Tait providing the tight-knit production and Alaina delivering on the ethereal vocals. With a deep tribal sound and stunning vocals to boot, its a track ready for the after-party and the club.

The groove on ‘Breathe‘ is intricate and hard to pin-down, as it shakes and slithers across the sonic soundscape. Declaring an unmistakably African identity, its rumbling and rhythmic, with a pulsating bass and a myriad of raw tribal percussions and stabs to engage the listener. We’re also treated to some sporadic piano chords that feel effortlessly House-y and emotive.

The duo will be performing a live acoustic version for Youtube 3-4 weeks after the release as well as gearing-up to play it at Rocking The Daisies festival later this year, a show thats sure to attract a sizeable crowd. The song has already gained support from Jullian Gomes & Pierre Johnson and shows no signs of slowing down, with the full release  including remixes by Ed-ward, Shredder SA & China Charmeleon.


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