[PREMIERE] Arjun Vagale – Sustain Sequence

Image courtesy Wallroom Music Group

As India’s most prominent techno export, DJ and producer Arjun Vagale has become synonymous with innovation within the country’s burgeoning techno scene. The release of his forthcoming EP, Time Cop is the artist’s first collection of tracks in five years and marks a stylistic evolution. For Vagale, “techno or electronic music in general has a global language – that’s what drew me to it, almost 25 years ago. Growing up in India, we wanted to explore club culture, and figured – to experience this, we needed to build our own.” Time Cop echoes this sentiment by combining the usual stark austerity of his Berlin influences with kaleidoscopic flourishes that echo the fast paced landscape of urban India, leading to a more hypnotic sound. 

Sustain Sequence is the latest track to be shared from Time Cop, and encapsulates this newfound stupefacient energy. “Time Cop is a bit of a shift for me, towards a more trippy sound. As an artist I always believe in evolving – and with the pandemic and no dance floors, I allowed myself to just write whatever I felt in that moment. In my mind this entire release is a bit like you are stuck in a time loop – kind of how I felt while writing these tracks.” To explore the concept of temporal perpetuity, Sustain Sequence uses the repetition of pounding hard techno. But contorting around the relentless beat are spiralling loops of fluxion synths that lend Sustain Sequence a preternatural dynamism. The effect is a sort of hallucinatory, transcendental monotony which assimilates you into the folds of Vagale’s twisting time loop with no promise of respite.

Time Cop is released via Quartz. The EP features four new original tracks by Vagale, and DJ Sodeyama on remix duty for Scatter Dos (DJ Sodeyama Remix). Pre-order the EP here and listen to Sustain Sequence below. 

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