PLAYY. Podcast #211 – Anish Kumar


Anish Kumar quite literally has dance music pumping through his veins. He’s been a student of crafting dance floor filling electronic music since childhood, picking up production has a hobby at just 11 years old and since, growing it into a flourishing music career. His boundary-pushing sound has caught the attention of artists like Four Tet and Annie Mac – modern tapestries of house and UK electronica steeped in a rich personal and cultural history. A master of the art of sampling, Kumar approaches his references more like an archivist – piecing together sounds like fragments of memories, stitching his soulful and propulsive cuts together with threads of meaning and intention. His calm demeanour might seem surprising for someone whose high energy tracks have been setting dance floors alight over the past few years, but it reveals the truth of just who Anish Kumar is – a storyteller. Ahead of the release of his debut mixtape, simply titled A Mixtape, we spoke with him about his journey so far.


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