PLAYY. Podcast #210 – Deeparture

For Dutch producer and DJ Deeparture, music is all about feeling. His often cinematic and sweeping takes on the textures of melodic techno and house have made his sound distinctive. His current ascent through the ranks of a genre saturated by much of the same can be credited to this commitment to emotion – particularly those uplifting ones – with Deeparture tapping in to an energy that uniquely and unmistakably his own. As he continues to push the boundaries of his own creativity, Deeparture has begun to discover the multitude of nuances that lurk beneath the surface of his work and him himself, and having taken the time to hone in on these, is ready to set flight. We chatted to him after the release of his EP Electric Light and ahead of his set for Mystic Garden at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.



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