PLAYY. Podcast #208 – Youngr


What you’re hearing when you press play on this episode is the sound of multi-instrumentalist and electronic music composer Youngr setting up his gear at his studio Llamaland before launching into a recording of one of his wildly popular bootleg remixes. These rhythmic house reworks of popular songs have turned Youngr into somewhat of an internet superstar, with his videos on TikTok and Instagram racking up views by the millions. But to relegate him to just another viral sensation is to downplay the incredibly creative and awe-inspiring artist that he is. Beginning his music career in 2012 alongside his brother as part of the outfit Picture Book, Dario Darnell would begin preforming as Youngr in 2016. What follows is a solo career that quickly caught fire via his viral Facebook and YouTube videos, culminating in the magnum opus that is Live From Llamaland Studios, a collection of original music that Dario not only recorded, mixed, and mastered, but filmed in its entirety in the span of a month. This incredible creative feat speaks toward the type of artist that Youngr is – a spirited, eccentric breath of fresh air, for whom inspiration is lurking at every corner, and in every bassline.



Download and stream Youngr’s latest single Love In The Room here, and Live From Llamaland Studios here





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