PLAYY. Podcast #207: Recondite


Recondite: outside of ordinary comprehension, not easy to understand, abstract. 

German DJ and producer Recondite chose his moniker as a reflection of how he wanted his music to feel. Feeling, for him, is essential. His sweeping pieces of melodic dance music play between the lines of techno, IDM, and ambient, highly evocative sounds that traverse the emotional spectrum from melancholia to euphoria. His name not only reflects the music, but also the man. Quiet, thoughtful – Lorenz Brunner sees the world in a way most of us will not be able to comprehend. Using his surroundings, from the rural Bavarian landscape of his youth, to the sprawling metropolis of Berlin, to the solitude of lockdown, as impetus for his work, as Recondite, Brunner has developed a distinct sonic language that makes his music unmistakably his own. It’s not so much about constant reinvention for him than it is about evolution in response to the present moment. With the establishment of Plangent, his record label, Brunner has afforded himself further freedom to make, create, and release on his own terms, a strategy that appeals to the sort of artist he is. Currently invested in a project that promises a steady stream of releases over the coming months, including the gorgeously realised ATMA, Recondite is ready to take the dancefloor on his own terms. Listen to our conversation below. 


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