PLAYY. Podcast #206: AVAION

You realise fairly quickly that AVAION is the sort of artist who eats, sleeps, and breathes music. After all, the German multi-platinum multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, and vocalist grew up with music coursing through his veins. Those initial bursts of inspiration from watching his grandfather play the clarinet would blossom into a genuine curiosity and commitment to studying the properties of sound making, a curiosity that’s seen him bulldoze his way from the hardcore techno scene to the current style of melancholic and feeling steeped electronica he’s now best known for. The most fascinating part about AVAION is how he continues to honour and further explore those early influences, even when investing himself in the seemingly opposite stylistic direction. We spoke with him shortly after the release of his single Hiding, a track that for AVAION presented a new challenge : vulnerability, as he lays his voice bare across little more than a piano. 


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