PLAYY. Mix #181 – Baron

French DJ and producer Baron’s take on electronic music sources inspiration from styles outside the dancefloor, touching on influences from jazz, afro, and disco. The result is a sound rthat’s somewhat atypical to house music – rich in its references to broader musical culture. Under the Baron (FR) moniker, he’s created a playground in which to discover his own universe. Following a string of releases which saw Baron receive support from major players such as Black Coffee, Joris Voorn, and Pete Tong, 2024 marks a milestone for the artist with the release of his debut EP on Human By Defualt, Hilo, as well as an upcoming release on renowned German label Get Physical. We caught up with Baron to see where he’s heading for the rest of the year, and he provides us with an exclusive mix to offer a look into this journey.



Set the tone for us. What sort of things are currently inspiring you?

Right now, movie soundtracks are inspiring me a lot. Also, I am very close to horses; going to see them inspires me a lot at the moment, they are full of good energies.


How does this mix speak toward the current creative direction of your sound?

This mix represents my current musical direction with a fusion of genres, new sound explorations, and artistic evolution. It highlights the essential themes to my artistic vision, offering a glimpse into the diversity of my expression. In summary, it captures the essence of my evolving sound.


You have two releases coming out on two renowned labels – Human By Default and Get Physical. Could you tell us a bit about these tracks? How are they similar, or different, to each other?

“Hilo on Human By Default is an unusual mixed Latino / acid track while Paradigm dives us into a dramatic melodic journey heavily appreciated by the dancefloors. We wanted an EP that could resonate with a wide range of DJs without sacrificing our melodic / organic imprint.”And the track Spacer is produced from a disco sample dating back to 1979; I was inspired by the string section of the track. The tracks are really different because they were produced 1 year apart.


On both releases you’re working in collaboration with another artist. Is collaboration an essential part of your craft, and how does it help your creative process?

Of course, collaboration is an integral part of my creative process. Working with other artists brings new perspectives, enriches my ideas and skills, and often leads to innovative outcomes. It also creates a dynamic of emulation that stimulates my creativity and pushes me to excel. Through collaboration, I also have the opportunity to learn new techniques and artistic approaches, which contributes to my professional development. In short, collaboration is an essential source of inspiration and enrichment in my profession.


When curating a mix or a set, do you set intentions for the direction and work accordingly? Or is it more of an organic “go with the flow” vibe?

I always prepare a folder of tracks for each new club or event where I play, then I really go with the vibe of my track and my feelings. I like to pick from old tracks and bring some out in the middle of unreleased ones.


What does 2024 have in store for you? Any projects that you are excited about?

Yes, quite a few releases for this year, 2024, including an album with my crew from AZZUR Music and also a new collaboration with Amémé.


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