PLAYY. Mix #179 – Answer Code Request

Both as a DJ and a producer, Patrick Gräser aka Answer Code Request, has honed a hybrid musical approach that stands out in a world of uniform 4/4 techno. Melding pad-driven harmonies, intricate breaks and an industrial sonic palette, Gräser has occupied a unique space within the Ostgut Ton cosmos since debuting on the label in 2012 and becoming a Berghain resident shortly thereafter. His various releases and remixes for Ostgut Ton, MDR, Dolly Deluxe and Monkeytown Records continue to be highly sought after. As a DJ, he has taken his bass- and breaks-heavy techno to clubs and festivals around the globe, while remaining an integral part of the Berlin scene.




Set the tone for us. Where did your journey with music begin?

My journey began very early in my homeland at the age of 12. I collected the first records with my brother and we each bought us a turntable and a mixer. Then I started to enjoy partying in Berlin and playing music more and more and at the age of 16, I started playing my first parties in friends’ garages or rented rooms.


Your approach to techno is unique, and sees you pull from a range of influences. How receptive have people been to your style in spaces that are traditionally for techno purists?

Thank you. I started with drum & bass at an early age but then quickly moved on to house and techno because it was all new to me and I came into contact with people like Marcel Dettmann very early on, with whom I often traveled with. That’s why it was important for me to bring certain influences from my younger years into the productions. I didn’t want to settle on one style. There are too many styles that influenced me


Tell us about the direction of this mix. How does it speak toward where you currently are creatively?

This Mix has broken beats, Melodic Techno grooves, EBM, and House influences.
With a mix of just 20-30 min it is not easy to create a long journey but shows what i play in the clubs at the moment. I find that a mix should have a story and people should enjoy the more versatile side of a mix then only the faster harder and no motion tracks.


What’s next? Any upcoming projects that you’re particularly excited about?

Next is a collaboration with Amotik. We played last year a few times in different cities’ b2b sets and it actually worked very well. In general I do not like it that much playing b2b, but we enjoyed it, we also went to the studio last year and finished some tracks which will be released on Delsin in January 2024. I also relaunched ACR Records and will invite more new talents to the label. The first release came out in November 2023 and is from Avilynn and the next release will be released in February 2024 and is from Giordano. It will be followed by another EP from Adlas who has already released two EPs on the label in the past and has changed his sound signature a bit. It will be followed by an EP from a young talented guy from Germany, Paul Claude and then my own EP is planned. I also work on a new LP to be released at the end of this year. It has been a while since my last LP Gens was released in 2018 and it feels like it is time to release my third Album. I also have another more experimental Pop/Ambient project going on with Jan Wagner as DEFTR. Thinking also to open up a new label for more dance oriented music. All this is very exciting to work on.


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