PLAYY. Mix #177 – AMKA

Italian producer and DJ AMKA is certainly one to watch going into the new year. Last year, the artist made waves online with his debut livestream set – performed from a monastery in Italy. The set comprised entirely of AMKA’s own music, including the artist’s single Our Night, and served as a potent introduction to his style of rhythmic, emotionally nuanced melodic techno. Releasing his music via his own label, while he might be fresh on the scene, AMKA exudes a charisma and confidence that feels poised for success. We caught up with him to find out more about his work, and AMKA provides us with an exclusive mix to welcome you into his world.
Set the tone for us. What is inspiring AMKA right now?
My current inspiration stems from the introspective journey into the past, exploring the interplay between nostalgia and innovation. Revisiting classic influences while embracing cutting-edge production techniques has sparked a unique creative flame.
What would you say are the cornerstones of the AMKA sound?
The cornerstone of the AMKA sound lies in the fusion of melodic intricacy and rhythmic depth. I strive to create a sonic experience that resonates emotionally while maintaining a pulsating energy on the dance floor. Layered textures, evolving melodies, and a meticulous attention to detail define the distinct characteristics of the AMKA sound.
How does this mix speak to where you currently are creatively?
This mix is a snapshot of my current creative journey. It delves into the realms of melodic techno, exploring the nuances of emotion within the beats. The track selection and transitions reflect my evolving taste and the continuous exploration of new sonic landscapes. It’s a sonic journey, capturing the essence of where I stand creatively at this moment.
What does 2024 look like for AMKA? Any projects that you’re excited to share?

2024 is shaping up to be an exhilarating year for AMKA with a cascade of new music. I’m thrilled to unveil two upcoming tracks—’Vivid Memories’ on January 12th and ‘Timeless Dream’ on February 19th. These releases are a glimpse into the sonic journey I’ve been crafting. Beyond that, I’m engrossed in the creative process, working on a multitude of fresh tracks that will unfold throughout the year.