DJ, producer and label owner ADRIANNA is making an unmistakable mark on the global electronic music scene. She started 2023 with a bang, releasing her Beatport Hype hit Confidence on DJ S.K.T’s Stashed Music and two singles on her own Temple House MusicFalling and Got The Night, both hair-raisingly accomplished tracks straddling the borders of tech house and techno and illustrative of her love of blending vocals with tough, club-ready beats. The live highlight of 2023 was ADRIANNA hosting her own Temple House Music stage at Electric Garden festival for more than 15,000 ecstatic ravers, laying the foundations for a huge run of festival appearances in 2024. With new music coming soon and club and festival bookings in the works, ADRIANNA is one of the scene’s most exciting new stars, with talent and passion to spare.



Where would you say you are currently at creatively? What sort of things are inspiring the direction of your sound right now?

I’m feeling very grateful, very optimistic. I’ve been working a lot on my sound and am in a deep place creatively. I’m inspired by life, every day. People, places, everything. The direction I’m leaning into with my new productions are strong but melodic. I’m happy exploring that place right now.


How does your new single ‘To Life’ fit into this current headspace?

To life has a mysterious feel from the key to the synth and an impactful kick and vocal. I wanted it to be thought provoking yet be uplifting and of course, danceable.


Could you speak to us about the spoken word bit on the track? Who wrote this, and how does it speak toward the direction of the track as a whole?

The vocal talks about ideals; destiny and shaping life. How that can come from inside of ourselves. In this case I used a sample. It resonated perfectly with the mood of the track and emotion I was looking to convey.


You recently hosted a stage at this year’s Electric Garden festival. Speak to us about that experience. What did you learn from it?

Electric garden was a great experience. It was an opportunity for my Temple House Music to have a physical presence and it was great to meet so many talented artists and fans of the music. I learned about how many details and nuances go into creating a production like that.I’m looking forward to more events as we grow.


What does 2024 look like for ADRIANNA, and how does this mix reflect that?

I have more releases coming up on other labels as well as Temple House Music. Some remixes and collaborations as well as festival and club gigs. I’m really excited about the new year, making more music, and connecting with the people who enjoy it.



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