PLAYY. Mix #167 – Gregor Tresher


In the ever-evolving realm of electronic dance music, Gregor Tresher stands as a beacon of innovation, focusing unwaveringly on the core elements of melody and timbre, often overlooked by his peers. His music reveals hidden depths upon contemplation, beckons listeners into an organic universe of shifting sound.

For Tresher, melody is not just a mere component; it’s the foundation upon which he builds his sonic worlds. “Melody always allows you to bring something new to the music,” he asserts. “It is where you can create something real and different, whereas the beat… well, either a record grooves or it doesn’t.”

Embracing a unique approach, he crafts musical narratives that eschew predictable earworms, opting instead for intricate lines that weave and repeat, unveiling their secrets with each attentive ear. Tresher’s latest EP for Cocoon, Black Halo, and its mesmerizing B-side Phantom Dancer, epitomise his fascination with contrast. Within these tracks, the onset of bliss gracefully dances between melancholy and hope, a reflection of Tresher’s nuanced perspective on club music.


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