Playlist: Cub Sport’s Sound of Pride

This Pride month, we’re feeling particularly proud. So we reached out to LGBTQIA+ icons and allies alike and asked them to compile a playlist of their all-time ultimate Pride anthems. Today, we have a collection of iconic pop and club hits curated by Australian pop superstars, Cub Sport, who when not busy promoting an ARIA #2 album or getting like, 200 million Spotify streams, are putting out fresh hit singles like their latest, Always Got The Love (watch the music video below).

So, what does Pride sound like for Cub Sport? For frontman Tim Nelson, it’s “the opposite of shame. I was ashamed of my queerness for years and honestly couldn’t imagine that ever changing until… In 2016 we were on tour in the US and had a day off in Denver that coincided with the Pride festival there.” He continued, “I wasn’t out yet but we went along and it was unexpectedly life-changing. There was so much love and freedom there, and it was one of the final affirmations I needed to start embracing being queer. I ended up coming out to my family and friends a few weeks later which was scary but ended up being the best thing ever. Being more true to myself and the people around me let things flow and it basically transformed my whole life. I never imagined that being openly queer would feel so normal (and fun).”

Listen to Cub Sport’s Sound of Pride playlist, featuring Cher, Britney, and their latest single Always Got The Love, below. 

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