Pearson Sound Debut Album – Full Details

Hessle Audio Co-Founder David Kennedy AKA Pearson Sound has released the full details of his upcoming debut release on the label.

News of the release first cropped up on Facebook, simply stating the catalogue number “HESLP002” followed by a release date of “early 2015.” It can be now confirmed that the album will be available March 9th .

Talking about the release, Kennedy explained that the album’s nine tracks were created by harnessing feedback loops between his machines:

“I had a signal chain set up that I was really happy with, and I started sending my machines through the same processes. A lot of it was made by feeding the the same sounds between two different pieces of equipment and they’d end up feeding back between each other and snowballing. On some tracks it’s about harnessing that and taking it to the brink before it disintegrates, and some of them are about just letting it go full-blown out of control.”

The album has been described as minimalist in approach and that Kennedy’s “exploratory studio process” has created striking, visceral contrasts that are harmonically complex and deceptively playful.

Over the years Pearson Sound has established himself as one of the UK’s most prolific artists. The content of his many aliases, Pearson Sound, Ramadanman, Maurice Donovan, have helped shape and reinvent Dubstep, as well as blur the lines of Techno, House and Bass music. 

If you’re keen for a taster of the new album, make sure you tune into Benji B’s BBC Radio show tomorrow at 1am where you’ll be treated to the premiere of track ‘Glass Eye.’

Pearson Sound will be available March 9th via Hessle Audio on vinyl, CD an digital formats.


01 Asphalt Sparkle
02 Glass Eye
03 Gristle
04 Crank Call
05 Swill
06 Six Congas
07 Headless
08 Russet
09 Rubber Tree

Written by Alex Lewis