Pause to consider with alternative electronic composer Melldu’s latest LP

    Image credit: Oleg Larin (@beside.himself)

Let’s journey into the vast lands of Russia, with its harsh climate and unique people. It’s not difficult to image experimental creations arising from such a place, as we find with Melldu and his latest LP release – Mute Theatre. However, the album is a gentle journey into a philosophical concept, also released in the old-school format of vinyl to pay tribute to bygone eras.

Released via Maida Maori, the album features several astonishing songs that have already caught the public’s attention, including River and the title-track.  However, one of our favourite tracks was ‘Gold’, earning itself a premiere over with at our friends mxdwn. The single permeates a shimmering positivity as the gentle overtones create their own rhythmic niche of sound. Other songs on the album worth looking out for include ‘Sadness’ (one of the surprisingly more upbeat songs of the album) and ‘Hold On’ (a mellower tune, perfect for floating on your back in a river, staring up at the night’s sky).

However, ultimately the album is much like a mirror – allowing the listeners to find what they will within its unique folds of sound.

Take a glimpse into the mind of the producer with a few of his words: “Mute Theatre is the first part of a future album series. The album shows our life, as it has a philosophical implication. You can sit in the back row and just watch how your life goes on silently and meaninglessly, or you can clear your thoughts and start living the life you dreamed of.


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By Sarah Britton