Paul Ritch expands musical scope with new label KCZMRK

With formal approaches like minimalism or progressivism, the sound ventures towards a more versatile optimalism. Increasing sonic vocabulary in order to similarly increase the range of emotional and physical responses, Ritch has undertaken a new project titled Kaczmarek.

Kaczmarek is a live project that Paul Ritch created to explore a more adventurous side of his sound, in a different direction from his releases on Drumcode, Get Physical or his imprint Quartz Music. Distancing himself from the usual club environment, the French artist is working to develop a live set with spatial audio technology in order to present 3D sound performances that will follow in the near future.

Ritch’s work has broken through thanks to a consistent quality of musicianship and – in his capacity as label curator for the Quartz label – an ability to easily connect with like minds. WIth a varied forefront of influences, Ritch is comfortable working with music of fine-grain detail and limitless tone color as he is painting from sparser, more mesmerizing swatches of sound.

The new project  IIIIIIIIIIIIII will be a complete audio-visual concept which previews 3D sound space in a live setting. Using a new spatial audio technology, this new series of 3D performances will be largely unprecedented, making the live experience not just one in which human bodies are in motion, but in which sounds themselves seem to have their own kind of mobility.

The  new album will highlight 14 selections, each one titled only with hash marks that designate its place in the order of the playlist, each feature elements that contribute to the construction of a virtual environment: some of the elements to be found are ghostly hovering dissonance, intense hydraulic percussion, and subtle glitches appearing on the periphery of consciousness.

See the teaser below:

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