Patrick Perez creates an ode to his late friend in “Red Is The Way —>”

Admittedly, while a vast majority of my time on the internet can be summed up with images of me googling local music scenes in various places around the world, Toronto’s underground scene is vastly much more complicated than people seem to give credit for.

Early August of 2015, Toronto-based local rapper, Shane Redway past away. The hip hop and underground community then came together to pay tribute, and what results is “Red Is The Way —>.”

On this, Perez had this to say-

I’ve collected a bunch of vocal chops of him performing live as well as going through his latest album “years ahead”. I also sampled a record from thefilm The Roots, a sample chop where of a vocal that says “The only thing greater than yourself is…” which leads to another sample of an Atlanta radio show host chanting “Redway!”. and finally, a sample of Redway saying “This that”, that leads to Otis Redding singing “love”. I wanted people to learn who Redway is through this song while having the people who did know him appreciate the specific chops I used.

Take a listen below of the experimental piece.

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