Palms Trax teams up with Nonku Phiri on grooving afro-house track, ‘Petu’

Image CWPT

Berlin based DJ and producer Palms Trax has released the new single Petu, featuring South African vocalist Nonku Phiri. The single ushers in the arrival of Trax’s new label, CWPT. Petu was originally released in dub form by Trax as a part of his stint for Grand Theft Auto Online, where the artist played a set as part of the game’s The Music Locker interface. That version leaned into Trax’s synth work and beat-making, and would provide a tantalising blueprint for this eventual collaboration with Phiri.

The reworked Petu highlights the fusion of the track’s retro Euro synth groove with its worldly afro-house influences, raising the tempo ever so slightly to make way for Phiri’s signature style. The result is an infectious Italo disco offering with earthy afro-pop elements that are carried by Phiri’s soulful, sultry vocals. 

Opening with vintage synths and 80’s drum fills, the track blossoms as Phiri spins a tale of lust through hooks full of desire and longing. Instrumental collective Jungle By Night provide lush brass flourishes which accent Petu and emphasises its robust afro-house elements. The track feels made for summertime, and it’s languid carefree groove wouldn’t be out of place poolside or as the soundtrack to sunsets spent dancing on rooftops.  

The inclusion of Phiri is inspired, and her afropop style lends well to the joyous soul of the track, extracting an effervescent jubilance that keeps you dancing until Petu’s final, percussion-led moments. 

Petu is released via CWPT. You can listen to the track below: 

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