One in three UK nightclubs could face closure by end of the year

One in three nightclubs in the UK could close down by the end of this year, according to a new industry report. 

The report, conducted by The Night Time Industries Association, has revealed that between December 2019 and December 2021, at least eleven clubs faced closure per month. This increased to 14 clubs per month between December 2021 and September 2022.

In the past nine months alone, 123 venues have been lost. The closure of clubs has been exacerbated by the UK’s current cost inflation crisis, a crisis that NTIA claim the government is doing little to help with. 

Of the clubs lost recently, Bristol’s The Basement is amongst one of the most recognisable venues. As one of Bristol’s longest running establishments, The Basement was an important space that provided affordable, accessible events as well as DJ training courses. Following development plans from their landlord, the venue officially shut down on October 8th, ending its twelve year run.

“The Government is ripping the heart out of nightlife, with cost inflation accelerating closures of nightclubs from 1 in 5 at the end of 2019, to 1 in 3 in just 9 months in 2022,” said Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, in a statement. “This inflationary circle is taking its toll on our sector, with businesses trading 15% down across the board, costs up over 30% taking the shine off the golden quarter.”

Kill pointed toward the current popularity of UK dance music as a reason that the government should take the concerns of the nightlife sector seriously. “With the prominence of dance music in the UK as recently highlighted by the BPI, it is a huge tragedy for UK Culture seeing nightclubs in decline. These spaces nurture up and coming talent and are also cultural and social hubs of communities which are now at risk of being lost forever,” Kill said. “The Chancellor must consider support based on the important role that this sector plays in the economic recovery of this country.”

Read the report from the NTIA here.