One half of Kiasmos, Janus Rasmussen, releases debut solo album Vín

Whenever a musician who forms part of an established act decides to release solo music, it’s always a bit of a gamble. Will it be more of the same? How does it compare to their previous work? Luckily for KiasmosJanus Rasmussen, this gamble surely paid out.

Janus Rasmussen forms part of the critically acclaimed duo Kiasmos alongside Ólafur Arnalds. The duo have toured the world over, winning countless awards and sharing stages with the likes of Lana Del Rey, M83, Gorillaz, Foo Fighters, and Muse just to name a few.
As a solo act, Janus is still new to the game. He released his debut solo album, Vín, today via Ki Records and his first pre-album single, ‘Green Wine’, was released alongside a music video featuring shadow puppets that portray the legend of a seal turning into a woman to be on land. Check it out below:


Vín sees Janus fill a record with 12 mesmerising instrumental tracks, each more hypnotic than the next. The tracklist is laid out like a DJ’s set, as each track complements the previous. As the album progresses, the music grows in size, crescendoing into utter euphoria. Janus Rasmussen manages to keep his signature Kiasmos sound within Vín, while still bringing his own personality into the mix. Made for repetitive listens, this record will be a perfect fit for any fans looking to enjoy magnificently produced and deep electronic music. An exploration of house, downtempo, ambient, and experimental tracks, Janus Rasmussen shows off his production chops on this stellar debut.

On why he decided to release his solo tracks, Janus Rasmussen said “I had been playing a lot of these songs [live], and they were working really well. I didn’t really tell anyone what the songs were, but they were obviously really fitting into the sets, as they’re not too far off from the Kiasmos sound, despite being different. I had never done that before: playing unfinished tracks and just seeing the reaction. It was super fun, actually. You learn a lot about your own music when you do that.

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