You may know NEXO as those guys that make the soul shudderingly loud speakers . With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that they would put on their own party and take control of what’s coming out of them. Please give a warm welcome to NEXO presents… VOLUMETRIX. NEXO have just created the STM (Scale Through Modularity) Sound System and in order to prove the speakers worth, they will be hosting a series of events to allow specially handpicked artists and DJ’s to push the system to the limit. Now that’s how you do a campaign.

First up giving the speakers a run for their money is one of Germany’s finest exports, Alle Farben, and chillwave connoisseurs, Wild Culture.

Farben, real name Frans Zimmer, is shaped by everything from minimal techno to electro-swing to classical music and has played to over 30,000 people at the former Templehof Airport, despite having only started his DJ’ing career in 2010.


Austrian duo Wild Culture have a knack for producing smooth experimental beats, winning the hearts of the clever folk at Majestic Casual and following that; the hearts of their now enormous fan base, garnering them an impressive status.


More acts are yet to be announced on the already exciting line up. It looks like XOYO is in for a night of meticulously crafted music.

For tickets and more information on the event, click here.