Earlier this year, DJ Shadow released a new album called The Mountain Will Fall, featuring the Nils Frahm-assisted single “Bergschrund.” The collaborative single “Bergschund”, a sci-fi tinged hip-hop track, is now complimented by a short film. Directed by Matt Devine, it features protagonist Matthew Sunderland, as the target of an alien abduction.

The video follows the politically-charged video for “Run The Jewels”, the lead single from DJ Shadow’s latest record, The Mountain Will Fall. It takes a distinctly comic and absurdist tack, with actor Matthew Sunderland struggling to salvage his six-pack of beer from alien abduction. Watch him toil below.

Matt Devine:

“To me the track has a really cinematic and also science fiction tone to it. I wanted to make a film that really worked with this visually but also had a humor to it. It is also my favorite track from the album so I was honored to be asked to make something for it.”

DJ Shadow:

“Nils Frahm is an insanely smart composer. He created a sinewy, gated vintage synth line which I then expanded upon, hopefully to complimentary effect. Bergschrund is an obscure German word for a particular type of crevasse, or ice cliff, usually found on mountains at very high elevations.”

Enjoy the video below:

DJ Shadow – Bergschrund feat. Nils Frahm (Official Video)
Mass Appeal

Buy “The Mountain Will Fall” directly on DJ Shadow’s website.

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