News: R.I.P – Renowned Synthesizer Pioneer Chris Huggett Has Passed Away

It is with great sadness to report that iconic synthesizer engineer and designer Chris Huggett has died.

The British synthesizer pioneer is responsible for engineering some of the most legendary, innovative equipment that has graced the music realm for over 40 years, with his works changing the entire face of the electronic music industry. 

Perhaps best known for his development of the WASP, a now illustrious synthesizer released in 1978 – the synth boasted features that at the time were not only extremely inventive and unique, but cheaper than many other synthesizers available on the market, allowing for great accessibility and new ways for artists to approach music creation.

As a co-founder of Electronic Dream Plant in the 70’s, which produced WASP and other well-known synths such as Spider and Gnat, the engineer later founded Oxford Synthesizer Company – responsible for the analog and digital hybrid synth OSC OSCar. Furthering his extensive and distinctive career in the 90’s, Huggett worked with both Akai and Novation; in which he assisted in fashioning the iconic Bass Station with Novation.

Moving forward to work with Novation full-time, Huggett designed the analogue-modelling polyphonic synthesizer Supernova; furthermore, the engineer went on to use his signature designs for the Bass Station II and was renowned for his techniques that involved multi-functional uses with each product.

While we mourn the loss of a great pioneer in the music industry, his legacy will forever live on in the incredible equipment he designed and created which has allowed for new innovations in electronic music over the years, and will continue to benefit an incredible amount of artist for years to come and make waves in contemporary music.

Click here to see Novation’s timeline of Chris’ work, and see the videos below for more information on Chris Huggett’s influence on the electronic music world.

May You Rest In Peace Chris, Your Legacy Will Forever Live On!

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