News: Police Confront Thousands Of Illegal Ravers Over The Weekend Despite New Laws

On August the 28th, England imposed new rules in order to curb the rise in illegal raves across the country. Before summer hit, back in June officials predicted a mass surge of illegal raves and were spot on.

Last week, the official laws discussed came into effect on Friday before the bank holiday weekend. Organisers found holding illegal raves (or gatherings in general) will be fined up to £10,000, along with the obvious such as having their equipment seized. The English and Welsh governments are currently allowing gatherings outdoors of up to 30 people maximum.

In places where it is mandatory to wear a mask, if an offender is found without a face covering they are subject to £100 fine, with each repeated offence doubling with fines leading up to £3200.

Sadly, these measures seemed to have had little effect on the public’s cognition. Over the weekend, police confronted thousands of illegal ravers across the UK who refused to comply with the current restrictions, and ignore the new laws. 

In a report by Sky News, it’s stated that police responded to dozens of illegal events in London, Norfolk, Leeds, West Yorkshire and Essex. In Banwen, South Wales, 3,000 people attended an illegal rave; with two organisers receiving the maximum penalty of £10,000.

West Yorkshire Police alone also stated that they issued eight people with the latter penalty. Those not wearing masks were also issued with relevant fines.

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