News: New Membership Initiative By Saffron Aims To Empower Womxn In Electronic Music & Tech

Saffron is a music tech initiative taking an intersectional approach to redressing the gender imbalance in the industry.

The music tech industry is currently composed of just 5% women. Saffron’s aim is to increase that figure, advancing gender equality in the sector by creating a safe space for women, female-identifying and non-binary people (womxn) to learn and build confidence. We want womxn to reclaim traditionally male-dominated music tech spaces and become visible role models for other womxn.

Feature Image: Saffron founder Laura Lewis-Paul by Carmel King

In a new initiative to further empower womxn (female-identifying and non-binary people) in the music industry, Bristol based music tech and social enterprise organisation Saffron have announced a new service which provides an online membership club for education and growth in music tech. The digital membership programmes aim to continue their work assisting womxn in music tech, who are systematically discriminated against and disenfranchised within the industry. 

Founded in Bristol, UK by Laura Lewis-Paul – Saffron “operates as a social enterprise that primarily offers training in music production, sound engineering and DJing, as well as running an artist development program and record label.” as stated on their website.

Especially with the blow of COVID-19, Saffron are hoping their members club which offers a multitude of perks such as: education, tools, services, connections and workshops, will be able to provide a platform for womxn to continue their work within the industry and promote sustainable growth for womxn working in music tech, or those who want to do so but are not sure where to start.

Saffron’s new members club provides year-round tools and opportunities for womxn to connect, learn and grow in music tech. The repercussions of COVID-19 have compelled us to look at more concrete methods of digitally supporting our global community, as well as ensuring a sustainable future for our organisation.

The membership program comes in three tiers, which you can read about further on Saffron’s official website as well as sign up for the membership that suits you. 

It is highly suggested to traverse their website, for womxn in music tech but also for straight, cisgender men, who hopefully are willing to educate themselves on the issues womxn face within music tech. This also applies to other tech industries, one can reassure you on that. It has nothing to do with lack of interest, passion, drive or skill – but systemic inequality and discrimination.

Please be sure to support Saffron and their initiative by checking out everything they have to offer on their official website, including their brand new members club!

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