News: Magical Mistakes announces new LP “Peaking in the Pitch Black”

Magical Mistakes is gearing up for a new EP via Playground Records. Erik Luebs, the man behind the moniker, focus on the various influences he’s encountered throughout his life (and especially his time in Japan), and the result is a mesh of worldly influences that incorporate both the east and west.

On his time recording-

“These tracks were made over a two month period hopping around between Osaka, Tokyo, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. I’ve never felt at home with a specific genre or scene, which is a curse and a blessing. Perhaps the change in geography is evident in the malleable genres of the tracks themselves. Post-rock, techno, drone, IDM; snippets of what’s influenced me musically throughout my life.”

Luebs is currently based in Osaka, Japan, running a boutique label called Perfect Touch. He’s previously worked with Leaving Records, Shigeto, Yosi Horikawa, and Obey City, among others on tours and bringing various cultures into the Japanese hub.

Listen to the first single to be lifted from the LP entitled “Annihilated”, below.

Tracklist is posted below. The LP will be out on July 1st.

Peaking in the Pitch Black’s Tracklist:
1) Annihilated
2) Interlocked
3) Chemical Bath
4) Peaking in the Pitch Black
5) Sun is Out
6) Rubble
7) Everyone is Dead

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