News: Legendary UK Label Big Dada Have Relaunched “Working to Amplify Black and Racialised Artists Voices”

Iconic record label Big Dada has announced the news that they have relaunched with a fantastic new vision for their future.

The legendary UK label has been running since 1997 and is distributed by Ninja Tune; with their relaunch comes a new initiative, a new website with an outstanding resource page and even a new line of sustainable merchandise. 

Big Dada have stated that they are going to be focusing on amplifying the voices of Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists in the industry; artists who are consistently not represented, celebrated as they should be or given equal opportunities in a society and industry that embodies systemic racism.

In an announcement on their official new website, Big Dada shared a statement:

Big Dada is relaunched as a label run by Black, POC & Minority Ethnic people for Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists.

A team of like minded individuals working together to form a community that champions, shines a light on, supports & nourishes the music & artists.

Working to amplify Black and racialised artists voices, Big Dada looks to shift the narrative around this music, bypassing stereotypes to allow and encourage freedom to express oneself for who they are and want to be. 

Big Dada has a long history and heritage which will be built upon whilst deepening its cultural identity by supporting & offering resources to a new generation of artists.

Visit their website here.

To emphasise, we highly recommend checking out their resource page too. It has some brilliant resources that focus on everything from mental health to legal advice for artists.

We are very excited to see what the future holds for Big Dada!

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