News: Kate Nash Speaks Out On Financial Exploitation Of Musicians By Streaming Platforms

We have to stand by our working class peers without a modeling career / branding deal / side career that funds their music. Plus we have to stop pretending that exposure means we should just be grateful & quiet. Music is a real job that deserves fair pay. It’s simple.

Kate Nash

The amount of times we have covered the exploitative nature of streaming platforms toward artists is almost unprecedented at this point – it’s exhausting. Considering the unethical nature of these platforms we feel it’s imperative to bring these issues to light.

These streaming services are clear indications of extremely poor treatment of the artists that are literally the backbone of their businesses; somehow, these multi-million dollar companies are “unable” to pay them the money they rightly deserve. The amount of money artists receive from streaming right now – even with millions of streams, isn’t even remotely enough for a basic liveable income.

If you’re a musician speak up about how you are not paid fairly for your recordings & streams. Share info with your fans who probably assume that millions of streams = good money. It doesn’t. 0.003 per stream with 20% to a manager & if you’re in a band, split 4 or more ways.

Kate Nash

Many artists such as Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien have criticised streaming platforms for the awful treatment and severe financial issues when streaming music online. Kate Nash is the latest to speak out about the shameless corruption these platforms thrive upon, in a Twitter thread calling for fair pay and encouraging other musicians to do the same. See Kate Nash’s thread below.

It’s really difficult for many of us to receive fair treatment from giant corporations such as Spotify, since they clearly don’t seem to care; especially when these streaming platforms have monopolised the online music market and we are unable to experience live music right now. However as Nash has stated, we need to speak up and share the true inequalities musicians are forced to put up with to receive the pay they so rightfully deserve for their work. As she stated – it’s simple.

Feature Image: Daniel Bosse via Unsplash

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