French electro masters Justice, have revealed more details about their much hyped new album. Having previously revealed the title – ‘Woman,’ they’ve confirmed it’ll now be out on November 18th via Ed Banger.

They’ve also shared the track-list to the follow-up of their previous successor ‘Audio, Video, Disco.’ They’re remaining tight-lipped about the details still, but we’re guessing ‘Alakazam!’ will be predictably kooky since it’s named after a psychic Pokémon with a superman IQ, and it will be interesting to see how they followup on the massive head exploding success they’ve achieved with their previous efforts.

Listen to Justice’s new tongue-in-cheek single ‘Randy’ below, it has their signature airy electro-guitar sound, but a little more hollow and light weight then previous. We hope the rest goes back to their anthemic roots on the mid-00’s.

‘Woman’ tracklist:

01 Safe and Sound
02 Pleasure
03 Alakazam!
04 Fire05 Stop
06 Chorus
07 Randy
08 Heavy Metal
09 Love S.O.S.
10 Close Call

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