NEWS: Catch your first glimpse of Emika’s second label with her latest album

Emika, one of our favourite Berlin-based producers, has teamed up with Paul Frick to create the unique album; In Parallel. The glitchy yet melodic album was created after Emika experimented with programming self-playing synths, before it was handed over to Paul Frick, where he was able to incorporate the nurturing elements of the piano and provide the pure and organic surrounding tones. The refined simplicity of the album lends itself to the gentle and unhurried tones of moonlight found dancing across the water, with a magical element entwining itself into the roots of the sound.

The four original songs are accompanied by reworked versions from CNCPT, a talented drummer who has found himself steadily branching out into other realms of music. With his works, we see the album begin to transform – taking on driving beats and harsher elements which rise and fall, leading us steadily away from the organic and into the darkened halls of nightclubs. 

The evolutionary album is released via the Improvisations X Inspirations (IMPXINS) imprint, Emika’s second label which has just been launched. The label aims to provide a home to musicians who like to improvise and perform. Aside from Emika, Paul Frick and CNCPT, fans will find other unique artists such as Schlindwein, Eomac, Katta and Sebastian. It’s safe to say, these artists will definitely be on our radar in the upcoming months.

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