NEWS: Buenos Aires Synths Ban Forcing Kraftwerk to Scrap Gig Overturned

Beunos Aires ban on all electronic music events recently, resulted in the world’s leading synth pioneers Kraftwerk being forced to temporarily cancel their Bueno Aires performance it was reported last week.

This was a result of the tragic drug-related deaths of six people at Time Warp music festivals, back in April. This triggered the Argentinian government’s enforcement of a law against events with electronic music. Permits for shows will only be issued once policy has been agreed to curtail any more drug-related deaths.

“After Time Warp, Judge Lisandro Fastman’s court ruling prohibited all electronic music festivals,” a Buenos Aires government representative announced to Argentine newspaper Clarin. “Because of that, and despite the fact that they presented their paperwork with the required 30 days notice, we cannot authorise the permit.”

However this decision, has now been overturned. Now, Clarín reports (via Fact) that their appeal to have Kraftwerk’s performance exempted from the ban was successful, and the concert will go on as planned.

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