News: Arts Council England & DYCP Funding Applications Now Open For DJs & Artists

This will be the ninth round of grant applications offered to struggling DJs, musicians, artists and those in the music industry who have been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In October 2020, Arts Council England announced that they will be rolling out applications for grants and funding for those working in the arts & culture industries which have been one of the hardest hit sectors financially due to the pandemic. Working in conjunction with Developing Your Creative Practice, or DYCP – a funding program that focuses on artists, musicians, performers, DJs and more.

The program received a whopping £18 million in donations from The National Lottery, allowing for successful applicants to obtain the chance of gaining grants of between £2,000 and £10,000 over application opportunities rolled out between 2020 and 2021.

Arts Council England and DYCP have officially opened the ninth round of applications for artists, running from (yesterday) January 11th, 2021 until February 18th, 2021, in which applications shall close once again.

Unfortunately, out of the funding allocated toward successful applicants; out of nine rounds, this is only the second round that includes DJs as viable creatives for the applicatications. 

The music industry has been in a devastating state of suffering due to the financial impact of lockdowns around the globe, which have put into place to stop the spread of the virus. Touring and performing live are many artists’ main source of income, which they have been unable to participate in due to the severity of the situation. 

The nightlife industry has been hit especially hard, with venues and clubs closing down at every turn and the livelihoods of many being lost entirely. We hope that those working in the nightlife industry such as DJs who have previously been excluded from the grants, will receive the funding they need in order to continue with their careers.

Be sure to check out the Arts Council England / DYCP official website if you wish to apply for a grant.

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