NEWS: Aphex Twin Designs Korg’s New Analogue Synthesiser

Korg has announced a new analog synthesizer, the Monologue, which features presets designed by Aphex Twin. … a “next-generation” monophonic synthesizer that “shares the spirit” of the Minilogue, released earlier this year, and has already received a viral buzz of appreciation from synth-heads throughout the cosmos.

The monologue features 25-keys sibling to Korg’s vast polyphonic minilogue. However, it boasts new voice, filter, modulation options and sequencer. Two VCOs run into a VCF, while a single envelope generator and LFO are on hand for modulation. There are 100 preset slots, some of which have been designed by Richard D. James, AKA Aphex Twin. The sequencer supports real-time recording and live overdubbing in addition to step recording.

The monologue also comes with alternate tuning systems. Aphex Twin was hired as an advisor for implementing microtonal capabilities, and he supplied his own scales. Additionally, users can create and save 12 unique scales of their own. The unit is battery powered and comes in five colours.

Watch a promo video for the monologue.

The Korg monologue is available for preorder at a price of $299.

Official site: Korg

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