News: Aphex Twin announces ‘Cheetah EP’

Aphex Twin has announced that he will be releasing his latest work with Warp Recordson Friday 8 July. Not too much information has been provided about the release, although this will be out as CD, Cassette and Digital track only, included on download available with vinyl.

According to the press release- “Have fun programming, and if you create any superb patches and tones which you feel deserve to be appreciated by other Cheetah EP buyers, send a MIDI System Exclusive Dump of them, on a disc to us at WARP and if we also think they are superb, you could be rewarded for your efforts. Try us!”

Make sure to try your hand at sampling the EP for recognition from the WARP team. Pre-order the Cheetah EP via Bleep.


01. CHEETAHT2 [Ld spectrum] 02. CHEETAHT7b
03. CHEETA1b ms800
04. CHEETA2 ms800
05. CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ] 06. CIRKLON 1
07. 2X202-ST5*

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