News: 251 English Venues Receive £41 Million In Emergency Funding; MVT Confirm 89% Application Success Rate

Finally, some good news – for the most part.

After months of pleading with the government to provide emergency funding in order for live music venues in the UK to stay afloat as the battle the extreme financial hardships the pandemic has placed upon them; the Music Venue Trust has now confirmed that, following the £1.57 billion bailout fund recently announced for the arts and culture sectors as part of the UK’s Cultural Recovery Fund89% of English grassroots venues applying for the grants have been successful

A second round of funding was further announced on Saturday the 17th of October.

Out of the 291 venues applying for the grants, 251 being successful in their applications; the total amount the grants will provide to the 251 successful applicants weighs up to a massive share of £41,352,593 for the venues to stay alive – so, just over a whopping £41 million is being allocated to the venues which is an incredible, huge victory.

However, despite the great news – 33 venues are still at risk of permanent closure. Please be sure to visit MVT’s Save Our Venues campaign if you are able to donate to the cause.

Many of those working as crew members and workers within the industry, as well as those in the dance and nightlife community have voiced their concern as they have not received the adequate financial support that they require; and seem to have been left out of the conversation entirely.

A multitude of iconic dance clubs in London have been denied financial assistance from the £1.57 billion, a huge blow to the clubbing and nightlife industry which has received little support from the government in general.

While it seems that the government has finally taken action in their allocation of funds in the music sector – dance clubs, which are most likely the last venues that will open following the effects of Covid-19 – have not been prioritized. A good example of this is a statement made by Health MP Helen Whately stating that they do not see the point in providing funding to a sector “where there is no work”.

Michael Kill, the CEO of Night Time Industries Association stated:

We have been aware all along that the fund would not be able to support everyone… 

But given the significance of some of the businesses that have been left out, we are concerned with regard to eligibility and fair consideration around the types of businesses and the criteria they have been measured against.

Feature Image: Daniel Tafjord via Unsplash

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