New Model 500 album confirmed

2015 marks 35 years in the game for Juan Atkins and he’s decided to celebrate with a new 9 track LP.

Briefly revealed to us in the form of a Facebook postDigital Solutions will be Model 500’s third album and acts as a belated follow up to 1999’s ‘Mind And Body.’ It will also be the first to be released through his own Metroplex label, with both ‘Deep Space’ and ‘Mind And Body’ being issued on R&S Records.

Over the years we have seen Model 500 evolve from Atkins to the collective talents of Banks, Taylor & DJ Skurge, both in the ‘Live act’ sense and with the two R&S 12″s released at the turn of the decade. However the new album will be a solo project of Atkins’ with some support from Banks. Its release on Metroplex continues the label’s sporadic behaviour, the label has been going since 1985 and its sole release this year was Population One’s ‘A Mind Of His Own.’ 

A pair of Live dates have been lined up for Model 500 for next year, a show at Winter Astropolis 20.5 in January and another at Unsound in AdelaideMarch 14th.

Digital Solutions will be released January 2015.


1. Encounter

2. Electric Night

3. Hi NRG

4. Standing In Tomorrow

5. Station

6. Storm

7. The Groove

8. Control

9. Digital Solution

Written by Alex Lewis

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