MIX: Joy Orbison and Boddika’s Severed Seven

Boddika and Joy Orbison are releasing ‘Severed Seven’ and two more new tracks on their hotly anticipated collaborative 12″, via their own label Sunklo.

SUNKOFYV is the fifth in the duo’s occasional series of techno team-ups, and features three tracks: ‘Severed Seven’, which Boddika uploaded to SoundCloud a few weeks ago, ‘Cc’ and ‘More Moan.’

Boddika & Joy Orbison – Severed Seven

The UK pair launched the Sunklo label in 2012 as an outlet for their own productions. They released three records in its first year, but has been relatively quiet since 2014’s ‘More Maim’/’In Here’, with only a single-sided 10″ released in 2015.

Going by catalog number SUNKLOFYV, the EP also features two other originals, ‘CC’ and ‘Moan’, and was released on vinyl on November 3rd. The record can be ordered from Red Eye Records here.

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