New artist led livestream platform Echio launches

A new live-streaming platform especially designed for music artists has just launched. Echio, created by Tom Royer and Joakim Bouaziz (DJ and producer Joakim), is an artist led platform that looks to directly connect artists with fans through workshops, tutorials and Q&A sessions. The platform can also be used by artists as a tool for revenue, allowing artists the option to monetise their content. Arriving as one of the first of its kind, the streaming platform dedicated to DJs and musicians is more essential than ever. With platforms such as Twitch and Meta owned companies cracking down on copyright laws, streaming has become increasingly more difficult for artists, especially those who DJ other people’s music. 

Echio will offer two kinds of streams on the platform; Open Sessions and Workshops. Open Sessions are free to access and non-scheduled. During these streams, fans can pay to ask an artist questions as well as to upvote other questions being asked during the session. Workshops are scheduled, ticketed events which fans can access via a token system. These streams are more topic based, and will cover a range of topics from production tutorials to marketing strategies. Artists will also be able to receive donations from fans via the platform, and can appeal to brands to sponsor live streams. The platform will otherwise be ad free, and in a press release stress that they are “committed to fair and transparent business practises. No trackers, no ads or followers chase.” Of the money generated by artists on the platform, Echio will take 15% and the artist will walk away with 85% of whatever they earn. 

More tools and functions are expected to be rolled out in the coming months. Echio launched with a session from French techno DJ François X, with Lauer next up on the introductory roster. For more information on Echio or to join the platform, visit their website here