NAVA reveals avant-pop EP for the ages

It’s difficult to not get excited when you hear about an Italian-Persian who’s fully embracing both sides of her heritage. Take NAVA for instance, who has just released her fourth EP, NAFAS which translates into “Breath”. The avant-pop songstress was born in Terhan and is currently based in Milan but her latest EP sees her returning to her Iranian roots while bringing along her own sense of style at the same time. NAFAS contains an assortment of languages to further prove the diversity of the artist.

Stream / Download: NAFAS EP

Ahead of the EP, NAVA released ‘Senti’ and ‘GAZ’ when she sat down for an exclusive interview with us. During this interview, she revealed the importance of having her own space to create: “Well, I must confess the recording studio is not my favourite place. I feel like I’m being put on the spot and I need to deliver in a certain margin of time. So, I decided to make a mini studio at home where I can be as raw and vulnerable as I want, to really get out the essence of the lyrics and re-create them in the studio. On the other hand, sometimes I have a lot of fun in the studio because the producers and I bounce ideas off each other and it turns into a session which I love!”

It seems to be a combination that’s working for the artist as her latest singles are quickly earning an impressive playcount between the two of them. We’re expecting ‘Respiro’ with its dramatic rolling notes to follow suit. The track features Italian born Madrid based Bawrut who is providing tributes to both heritages in similar ways.




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By Sarah Britton