Music streaming titans Spotify and Tidal introduce new features to their apps

Spotify has introduced a new playlist feature called ‘Playlist In A Bottle.’ Based on the concept of a time capsule, the feature allows users to create playlists that are then sealed for 12 months. With this new feature, users are encouraged to select songs based on their current mood, for example “A song you need to hear live in 2023.” Once songs have been selected, the playlist is then sealed and sent back to the user a year later, giving them a look into who they were a year before. 

Available only on Spotify’s mobile app for iOS and Android, the feature allows users to choose from five different capsule options: a teddy bear, jean pocket, gumball machine, bottle, or a lunch box. The feature is only available this month, and in 27 territories. Both free and premium users can access the feature, though they must have the latest version of the Spotify app installed. To access the feature and make your own Playlist In A Bottle, go to on your mobile device. 

TIDAL, meanwhile, has also introduced a new feature to its platform. The Norwegian-American high fidelity streaming service is currently testing a live DJ functionality, which allows users to play tracks and playlists live to other TIDAL members. DJs will have access to TIDAL’s entire library of over 90 million tracks, meaning users can tune in to listen to tastemakers and DJs select music from anywhere in the world. According to Digital Trends, the feature is currently only available to users in the US on TIDAL’s HiFi Plus plan, with TIDAL’s Early Access beta testing programme.