Music generating app Aimi adds new content from artists

Image courtesy: Aimi

Aimi, a revolutionary music sequencing app and AI technology, recently added content from dozens of new artists. The Aimi platform uses AI to combine and sequence loops, samples, stems, and unfinished demos into a complete and continuous flow of self-generated music that is “alive and tailored for every person and any occasion.” The app combines its library of sounds in a completely new way each time it is used, so no two experiences are the same. While Aimi goes about generating its music autonomously, users are able to prompt the AI with a “thumbs up/down” feature or by selecting moods such as “Serenity” “Chill” and “Push.” 

A host of artists have contributed music and sounds to the app’s latest update, the premium Aimi+ service. Among them are Hodge, Cassy, Space Dimension Controller and Appleblim. Head of Aimi’s A&R and founder of AUS Music Will Saul commented, “The artists collaborating with Aimi are doing so because they love the results but also because Aimi totally respects their aesthetic and musical DNA.” Artists such as Max Cooper and Scuba are also currently in talks to contribute to the app.  

More information on Aimi, including a full list of its contributing artists, can be found here via the app’s website.