Mount Kimbie releases weighted narrative on ‘Blue Train Lines’ off their upcoming album ‘Love What Survives’

Peaking with new material, the duo that make up Mount Kimbie will enter spotlight territory once again with the anticipation of their next album Love What Survives.

Collaborating with the weighted grit of vocals from Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, their new single ‘Blue Train Lines’ accesses the negative spaces that narrate a razor blade in her wrist, another fight, a junkie and a lost sign, where the track sets the foundation for loss of the self. The emotive quality of the chemistry between Krule and Mount Kimbie is an authentic voice in a contemporary world of real issues. Kudos to the boys for standing out and creating content beside a intricate movement of sounds that connects across the spectrum.

When referring to the work on the new material, Dom and Kai explain that “it’s been a fascinating process that has changed us as a band and we’re feeling great about how it’s come together.”

Their third album Love What Survives is out on 8 September via Warp Records.

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