Moog releases new app that acts as a synthesiser

Moog has released an app that acts as a digital synthesiser. The Animoog Z is a synthesiser application that can be downloaded and used on any iOS and desktop devices. Based on what Moog refers to as a ‘Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Synth Engine’, the 16-voice design allows users to shift on a 3D scale between X, Y, and Z axes. This blends ideas from vector and wavetable synthesis. 

A pressure sensitive built-in keyboard makes notes and individual parameters controllable on a polyphonic basis, allowing for pitch shifts and modulations to be achieved. The app boasts extensive sound-design capabilities, opening up a range of possibilities via a ten-slot modulation matrix that manipulates original sound recordings of vintage and contemporary Moog synths, while allowing users to experiment with various filters and effects. 

The app is available as a free download from the App Store, with a full version offering more features available to download for $9.99. Animoog Z runs on iOS devices or as a plug-in in desktop DAWs. Watch a video below of legendary synth musician Suzanne Ciani demonstrating the app below.