Moog release first polyphonic analog synthesizer in over 35 years, the Moog One

Image: Moog Music

Moog has just unveiled its most innovative instrument to date, the Moog One. Moog’s most ambitious project ever, the Moog One is the culmination of decades of research and exploration, a tri-timbral, polyphonic, analog synthesizer that holds a world of possibilities in its meticulously designed knobs and keys. In conjunction with the release, Moog have shared a 20-minute film, ‘Moog One – A Meditation On Listening’, which features acclaimed artists and producers Jeff Bhasker, Suzanne Ciani, Chick Corea, Mike Dean, Robert Glasper, Dick Hyman, Dev Hynes, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mark Ronson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and Paris Strother.

Those featured on the film have the pleasure of playing the Moog One, trying it’s versatile interface and experimenting with it’s array of sounds. For the style of the film, Moog has re-imagined the original 1976 promotional film for Moog’s first polyphonic synthesizer, the Polymoog, using psychedelic 70’s aesthetic breaks and a combination of 8mm film and contemporary digital footage (see below).

The Moog One is rooted in decades of analog tradition, but at the same time is a modern masterpiece, keeping abreast with ever-changing technological advancements. The synthesizer is available in 8-voice or 16-voice configurations and each individual Moog One voice circuit contains an analog signal path more powerful than the Minimoog Voyager. Harnessing the capabilities of 3 newly designed dual-output analog VCOs with ring mod and FM, 2 independent analog filters, a dual source analog noise generator, analog mixer with external audio input, 4 LFOs, and 3 envelope generators, the Moog One surpasses all expectation. Each of Moog One’s three analog timbres is an independently addressable polysynth, each with its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library – including a suite of professional reverbs from Eventide®.

Moog also set up their first ever Moog Music AMA with product designer engineer Amos Gaynes, which answered many questions about this versatile piece of equipment. In addition to this, Amos Gaynes will be sharing daily in-depth walkthroughs of the flagship synth on the Moog website.

Watch ‘Moog One – A Meditation On Listening’ below:

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