MIX: Wire’s Colin Newman & Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel Release New Track ‘Nanocluster’

Release date:
25 November 2016

Expect twinkling ambient drone instrumentals. Kinda sounds like a sci-fi film.

Colin Newman, lead singer of punk band Wire, and Malka Spigel, of Israeli experimentalist outfit Minimal Compact, have returned with their ongoing collaboration Immersion. The group’s latest work Analogue Creatures 10, a five-track LP, shared on February 5 via Swim. The record is the pair’s first incorporation of guitar with synth production. It’s also their followup album to 1999’s droning Low Impact.

The waves-inspired tracks mixes droning chords with sci-fi styled digitised murmurs, creating an expansive, meditative instrumental landscape. Spigel says of the album’s renewed concept: “There was no guitar ever on early Immersion — it was all synth. That was how we started, but I had a strong feeling this time that we couldn’t just repeat the same Immersion that we did a long time ago. I felt it should make a step forward and do something it hadn’t done before, which is what it did with the guitars.”

Stream the latest track from Analogue Creatures 10 below:

swimhq: Immersion – Nanocluster

Pre-order the single on swim’s website.

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