PLAYY. Mix #155: Tube & Berger

It’s perhaps unsurprising that German house duo Arndt Rörig and Marko Vidovic, AKA Tube & Berger, began their journey in music as part of a punk rock band. As pioneering producers initially exploring the inherent obnoxious and anarchic attitude of tech-house, their origins have always informed their approach. You can feel it in their penchant for vocally driven tracks and love of live instrumentation. Though the rebellion of their early years has evolved into the deeper, though no less defiant, sort of house music they’re best known for, that punk sensibility has never quite faded away. On their latest single Work My Body, it’s unmistakable in the track’s raging energy, practically buzzing with electrifying synths set ablaze atop a mosh pit ready beat. In celebration of its release, Tube & Berger have provided us with a mix designed to extend and intensify the spirit of Work My Body. Listen below. Download and stream Work My Body here.   



AALN – Welcome to the Future (Nick Schwenderling Extended Remix)
Geminis – Open Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Modul Kollektiv – Awake (Julian Wassermann Extended Remix)
Frank Klassen – Fly
Jordan Arts – Waiting (Hannes Bieger Remix)
Frank Sonic, Kieran Fowkes, Gabriel Di Pasqua – Walking Into The Sun (Monotunes Extended Remix)
Blake Light, Tube & Berger – Data Compromised
Frank Klassen – Thunder of Minds (Extended Mix)
Roumex, Eleonora – Void (Extended Mix)
Gabriel One, Justin Prins – Sirens (Extended Mix)
91x – illuminate (Extended Mix)
Tube & Berger, Nick Schwenderling – Work My Body (Extended Mix)


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