Mix Review: The Luminous 90’s-Inspired Nostalgic Pop In Autechre’s Mix Of SOPHIE’s ‘BIPP’

SOPHIE x Autechre | BIPP (Mix) | Numbers

Release Date: 14 January, 2021

It’s definitely fair to say that when avant-garde electronic songstress SOPHIE released her debut full-length album ‘OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES’ back in 2018, the critically acclaimed release earned SOPHIE her stars as one of the most interesting, refreshing and kaleidoscopic artists out there. In collaboration with one of the most influential electronic duos of the last two decades Autechre, the pair have come together in a mix of SOPHIE’s 2015 single ‘BIPP‘.

A strong, pounding beat echoes throughout the track as a compelling, confident force that allows for ‘BIPP’ to entrance listeners. However, while the repetitive beat throughout ‘BIPP’ could be its strong point in advancing the track – the aura comes across as if we are waiting for something more. An admirable and standout feature of the ‘BIPP’ mix is the captivating nostalgia of the vivacious 90’s pop-feel, with it’s earworm vocals and rhythmic, downtempo percussion.

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Rating: 6 / 10

Feature Image: SOPHIE Press Shot by Charlotte Wales

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