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Gergely Álmos is certainly a creative individual. Not only does he produce music and audio-visual shows, his forthcoming one being naked waves with co-creator Attaray Visual, under his mïus moniker, but he is also an architect by trade and a film set designer – for more, read our interview with him.

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That he works in so many different creative fields says a lot about the artist. Having clearly been exposed to a vast range of artistic inspirations, he expresses a talent for creating design-like compositions, and it is no wonder that his latest project Abstrakt stands out as an undefinable work of technical precision.

With a concept and a purpose in mind, mïus composed. To this end, the producer said: “The main concept of the album was to use multiple samples and found sounds, fused with recorded analog synths, to create a new, singular analog-digital synth sound. Thus, we get abstractions from these sounds in a completely new, interesting synthesizer sound design. The title refers to this method.”

Like many of the records on the album, ‘Ode’ is rich in bass. But, unlike the others, it lives less in a state of flux. Instead, it sustains itself all along with a slight, subtle ebbing, like a wave of low end on the shore that is featured singer Amme’s sandy, yet gentle vocals.

Ending the project, ‘Walls’ is a clacking, heavily-swung full stop to a wide-ranging project – it conveys the sense that it is beyond mere words, a thing that stands on its own, with individual, articulate parts that keep the machine moving – topped with an extra helping of breezy, singing brass.

All in all, Abstrakt is a work that marries the cerebral with the emotional, the warm with the cold, and the mechanical with the organic. The project is now available across digital platforms and on vinyl. Listen to it below.


naked waves Tour Dates:

8 July – Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs, Hungary

19 Aug – Fekete Zaj Festival, Mátra-Sástó, Sástó, Hungary

28 Sept – 1 Oct – Live Cinema Festival, Rome


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Image credit: Bence Szemerey